WeAppers is a social application that allows publishers, companies and communities to create their own applications for free. You do not need to have any coding knowledge. With WeAppers, you can create your own social apps free of charge for just minutes using your smartphone. With the application you will have a website that will work in parallel with your application. When you want, you can take your app's apk file and publish it to Google Play and other android app stores. Because we keep all of your application files on the cloud servers, you will not have extra servers and other costs. Your application will be accessible both for the application store you have installed and for WeAppers users in WeAppers app. The fact that your application is accessible in WeAppers will create a good start for you to create content for your users and to gain new members in your application. In all applications with WeAppers and WeAppers, application administrators and users can do the following: POST AND COMMENTS Unlimited number of posts can be created. As you can comment on posts, you can comment on comments, you can use all of post items on your comments. With WeAppers' "maze commenting system", comments can be extended as long as you like, and the applications can be used as a forum. PHOTOS Up to 20 images, gifs, and 360 ° panoramic photos can be uploaded per post. In addition, photos can be easily added from the web via a Google image search. VIDEO UPLOAD A maximum of 100 MB per post or 3 minutes of video shot with application camera can now be uploaded Videos from unlimited number of Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo can be added to each post TITLE, SUB TITLE AND TEXT Each post can have a title, multiple subtitles, and text fields. WEB LINKS Links from web sources can be added. BUTTONS When users click on them, you can add buttons that direct them to specific actions. With button commands; * Forwarding to a phone call * Send an SMS * Redirect to a web address * Activities can be provided to send mail to an e-mail address. Each sender can use an unlimited number of buttons, and you can freely specify the button text (Buy, Call, Look, etc.). CATEGORIES AND TAGS Depending on the application owner's preference, they can add categories and tags to their posts. Categorizing posts allows publishers to make richer content applications, as well as helping users find content related to the category they're interested in more easily. USERS There is no user restriction for your mobile apps. Users can sign up for the application with their Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Github accounts. Users can access the application data without signup any membership (for now), and notifications are sent to devices where your application is installed. PROFILES Each user who opens an account can have one profile and an unlimited number of "Publisher Accounts". Profiles and publisher identities can be used jointly in all applications made with WeAppers and can be easily switched between profiles. PROFILE PAGES Each profile and publisher account has a profile page. On each profile page; profile picture, cover photo, about page. In profile pages, to easily access the user's shares, postings, comments, media and popular episodes. FRIENDSHIP AND FOLLOW-UP SYSTEM Users can add each other as friends, send private messages, and choose to receive notifications to track their posts. NOTIFICATIONS Users can send notifications to their followers. And, app owners can send notifications to devices that were app is installed. SHARING Apps that made with WeAppers can send to Android sharing tool with Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Posts can be added to another WeAppers application with the "Add to Application" button in WeAppers. Post sharing between applications is a great way to be recognized and popularized your app. MANAGERS (Coming Soon) You can add administrators to your app and you can manage your applications as a team. Administrators can perform activities such as removing a post from the post, modifying the post's category, blocking a user in the application, sending posts on behalf of the application using categories specific to the administrators. APPLICATION DESIGN WeAppers applications are especially designed for publishers. Every level is ready for newspapers, magazines, TV publishers, bloggers, YouTubeers, website owners, communities and institutions. In the applications, the upper and right menu areas are designed with tabs added to these areas. Each tab is created with a visual, title, content display format, and content filter. The following impression features can be used on each tab: TIME TUNNELS It is an impression you are familiar with in many social media applications. Includes the profile photograph of the post owner, name, post "highlights", and post activity buttons (Share, like, comment, etc.). CONTAINERS The container display format ensures that the sendings are displayed in a more elegant and various variations in appearance. SPECIAL MENUS In cases where the upper and right menu areas are not enough, you can display your contents in much more detail by means of special menus. RSS If you have a site that allows RSS feeds or you want to pull data from such a source, you can display RSS content by selecting container view types. PAGES By adding pages to the tab fields, you can create partially dynamic, but often static, pages using post creation tools and container components. Pages are very useful for static areas such as the main pages of a publication or a communication sheet such as a newspaper. WEB PAGES Instead of designing a tab from scratch, you can open a web address directly in the application. This makes it very easy to create applications that are fully or partially WebView-specific. PROFILE TABS (Coming Soon) On a tab, you can show a profile page in the application. TAB FILTERS Posts can be listed according to the criteria. Post Source: You can determine whether the posts that will be posted on a tab will belong to the users or the authors. Post Order: Sent by date, according alphabetical, according to the last change (as in many forum systems) or according to popularity. Media Filter: You can filter posts by media type including photo, gif, 360 °, video, or including external video. Category Filter: You can show content in certain categories in a tab. You can buy one of our packages for extra features, or you can create as many free apps with our ads Join us ! Let's create an app or create post in other apps!